Written by Richard Garrison, screenwriter, entrepreneur and web designer. He is available for writing projects, web development and consultation.

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Welcome to RichardGarrison.com!

I invite you to read the opening to my new psychological thriller, The Typewriter: The lives of a man and his family are threatened by the discovery of a mysterious typewriter that has the ability to see into the future... and into the mind of a psychotic killer.

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maybe you know me...

I was in the Army... we might have been stationed together. Or maybe you grew up in Plano and we crossed paths in high school (which is possible; it was a very big school). Or maybe you worked at Rockwell International manufacturing plant during one of the six years I was out there - you might have seen me doing various jobs from working on an assembly line to filling packing crates with expandable foam. Or, maybe you were a passenger on a flight I was working when I did a brief stint as a flight attendant.

or, more likely...

You know me in the sense that we're kindred spirits. Both of us, you and I, have spent our lives following our instincts, listening for answers, taking action. We're not that different, the two of us, and maybe you've found your path and yet I'm still on my way. But we're both grateful because we both know we couldn't have made it here on our own.

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Recently signed by Jackson Starr of STARRPOWER TALENT AGENCY (www.starrpower.com).

Thriller & Western Horror Now Available



Reno Nevada becomes an audio book... And check out the new promo trailer!

Reno Nevada Rides To Hell


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