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               FADE IN:


               JACK HARRISON pulls up in his shiny Lexus which proudly
               displays a FIRST CHOICE REALTY door magnet. He exits, goes to
               the trunk of his car. We can tell that Jack's good-looking,
               charming and maybe, we find out later, a tad bit smarmy.

               He pops the trunk and pulls out a FOR SALE sign, along with a
               notebook, pen, tape measure, etc.

               Jack pierces the front yard with the sign, does a quick scan
               of the neighborhood. It's nice. He digs in his pocket for the
               house key.

               INT. HOUSE - DAY

               Jack enters the house and looks around. He speaks into his
               phone recorder as he takes stock of the house, making notes,
               measuring distances, etc.

                             (recording his notes)
                         Hardwood floors in the entry.
                             (looking closely)
                         Looks like mahogany. Maybe maple.

               He takes notes for all the rooms he enters...

                                   JACK (CONT'D)
                         Nice open floor plan. Nice size
                         master on the ground floor with two
                         large walk-ins...

               Jack pauses at the top of the stairs. He notices a
               substantial CRACK in the ceiling, probably due to water

                             (into his phone)
                         Significant fissure in the ceiling
                         just above the living room.
                             (to himself)
                         Gonna have to fix that.

               He shakes his head in disappointment, then spots the draw
               cord leading to the attic. He reaches up and pulls it,
               extending the hinged wooden stairs.

               INT. HOUSE - ATTIC

               Jack's head emerges. He looks around. The room is large and

                             (impressed with the size)

               Most of the attic floor is unfinished, but a small portion,
               near the furnace, is paneled. As Jack steps toward the
               furnace to get a better look, his foot lands on a board that
               jars slightly loose.


               Jack bends down, tries to put the board back into place. He
               turns it around, like a puzzle piece. As he looks down,
               something under the flooring catches his eye.

               A small suitcase. Like a carry-on, but hard-shelled.

               He sits down, pulls it out of its hiding place and onto his
               lap. His fingers feather over the textured surface. There's a
               word embossed on the top of the case: ROYAL.

               Jack opens it.

               It's a typewriter, circa 1930's. The kind the old newsmen
               used to hammer on. His eyes shine, like a kid in a candy
               store. The thing is in remarkably good shape.

               The sound of someone KNOCKING downstairs jolts Jack back to
               the here and now. He sets the case aside, carefully descends
               the creaking attic stairs, then hurries down the second-floor
               stairs leading to the front door.

               INT. FOYER - DAY

               Jack yanks the door open, breathing heavily.


               Standing before Jack is an attractive WOMAN in her mid
               thirties. She wears a pants suit, but the most stunning
               feature about her are her brilliant, VIOLET-COLORED eyes.

               Seeing them for the first time makes Jack do a double-take.
               The woman, based on her grin, is used to this reaction.

                         Hi. You're Jack Harrison, right?
                         With First Choice?

               Jack sucks in a breath and straightens his posture.

                         Yes. How do you do?

               Jack extends his hand. She responds by offering something to

                         Can I give you these?
                             (handing him keys)
                         I was rummaging through my drawers
                         the other day and came across an
                         extra set. I saw your car parked in
                         the driveway.


               He takes the keys.


               She turns to go.

                         Ah, excuse me...

               The woman stops. Jack hesitates, then decides.

                                   JACK (CONT'D)
                             (motioning behind him)
                         Did you and your husband get
                         everything out of the house? I
                         mean, nothing left behind, say up
                         in the attic, the backyard or

                         No. I went through the house with a
                         fine toothed comb. Believe me, I'm
                         cleared all out.

               Jack nods.

                             (looking at the house)
                         I think we can get this property to
                         move very quickly.


               She gives him a wave over her shoulder as she heads back to
               her emerald Jaguar parked on the street. Jack leans against
               the door, watching the attractive woman walk back to her car.

               EXT. HOUSE - LATER

               Jack leaves the house, locks the door, puts the clunky
               lockbox on the handle. He's carrying the typewriter case he
               found upstairs along with phone, pad and pen.

               He walks to his car and pops the trunk open, slips the case
               inside. He pauses a moment to look at it, shrugs, then slams
               the trunk shut.

               INT. JACK'S CAR

               Jack drives and talks with the office's secretary, CAROL, on

                                   CAROL (O.S.)
                         Oh, I just remembered. You got an
                         email this morning from an Alison


                                   CAROL (O.S.)
                         Hold on...
                         Alison Harper C.H.H.C. Want's to
                         get together sometime this week for

                         Alison Harper?

                                   CAROL (O.S.)
                         Yeah, says she's a 'Certified
                         Holistic Health Coach'. There's a
                         link here to her website.
                         Wow. Quite the athletic-type, if
                         you like that sort of thing. You
                         used to work with this woman?

                         She left before you came aboard.
                         Very vivacious. The high energy
                         type, but uh, not really cut out
                         for sales, you know what I mean?
                         She lacked that killer instinct.

               Pause while Jack considers...

                         Huh. Alison Harper. See if she can
                         do lunch tomorrow, the usual. Dean
                         & Deluca's around one o'clock.

                                   CAROL (O.S.)
                         Sure. Anything else?

                         Better get the crew out to the
                         house I just looked at on
                         Buckingham. The ceiling over the
                         den looks like it could give at any

                                   CAROL (O.S.)
                         You got it.

               EXT. JACK'S CAR - DUSK

               Jack on the highway making his way home at the end of the

               EXT. JACK'S HOUSE - DUSK

               Jack pulls his car into the circular drive in front of his
               house. The real estate trade has been good to Jack; he's got
               a decent two-story brick home in an upscale neighborhood.

               INT. KITCHEN

               Jack enters through the back. His wife JESSE, blond, fit, the
               kind of housewives most other housewives hate, busies herself
               in the kitchen making dinner.

                         How was traffic?

                         Not too bad.

                         Want a drink?

               Jack nods. He looks over her shoulder.

                         What's for dinner?



                         Go make yourself useful and say
                         hello to your daughters.

               She shoos him out of the kitchen.

               INT. DEN

               Two little girls, both with blond hair like their mother,
               play in the den. ERIN, the oldest, age six, watches a Disney
               movie on television. BREE, age three, plays with her dolls.

                         How was school?

               Erin shrugs. He reaches over and grabs her by the waist,
               pulling her on top of him. She giggles. He points the remote
               at the television, flips channels.

                         I saw a bear today.

                         You did?

                             (challenging her)
                         You did not.


               He stops at the evening news. Some older, gray-haired
               ANCHORMAN is delivering the current events. Jack settles in.

                                   ANCHORMAN (O.S.)
                         And in local news...

               INT. JACK'S HOME OFFICE - LATER

               Jack works at his computer, checking listings, comps,
               spreadsheets. Jesse comes up behind him, looking exhausted.

                             (without looking up)
                         Kids in bed?

               Her fingers twist a strand of his hair.

                         You've got five minutes before I
                         clock out for the night.

               Jack's expression changes. He raises an eyebrow. Quickly, he
               closes the folder he was working on.


               INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT

               Jack and Jesse make love. As Jack penetrates his wife, he
               pictures a different woman's face: an athletically-fit young
               woman we will later come to know as ALLISON HARPER.

               Jack's eyes glaze with lust as his fantasy sends him over the
               edge. He erupts in ecstasy.

               INT. BATHROOM - LATER

               Jack emerges from a hot shower. Steam covers the mirrors. He
               towels himself dry, looks at Jesse's sleeping form in the
               bed. He stands frozen a moment, a thought occurring to him.

               EXT. HOUSE - NIGHT

               Jack, wearing boxers and a tee-shirt, goes out to his car. He
               pops the trunk, looks down at its contents. After a moment,
               he carefully lifts the typewriter case out and heads back to
               his house.

               INT. JACK'S HOME OFFICE

               He sets the case gently on the credenza to the right of his
               desk. He opens the case, stares at the typewriter. His eyes
               shine as his fingers touch the keys. He's proud of his find.

                                   JACK (V.O.)
                         I don't know why I didn't mention
                         it to Jesse. I guess I wanted this
                         to be my little secret. I sat down
                         before the thing and felt my
                         fingers being drawn to the keys...

               Jack sets his drink down. His eyelids start to get heavy.
               It's almost as if he's falling into a trance.

               With his eyes practically closed, Jack's fingers start to
               type, tentatively at first, but they soon gather speed.
               Before you know it, he's typing away.

               INT. JACK'S HOME OFFICE - LATER

               Jack sits in front of the keyboard, head tilted back, mouth
               open. He's suddenly roused from his trance. His eyes land on
               a white sheet of paper curled in the typewriter's carriage.

                                   JACK (V.O.)
                         I don't remember it at all. I don't
                         even remember feeding the paper in.
                         I certainly don't remember typing.
                         But when I looked down, there it
                         was. A page of type.

               Jack squints. He pulls the typed page out of the carriage. He
               starts to read...

                         Chapter One. Harold Jackson was one
                         good-looking son of a bitch...

                                                       CUT TO:


               HAROLD JACKSON, the handsome, distinguished-looking anchor
               for Channel Nine News, in the flesh. He pauses by a mirror
               near the front door of his house for final adjustments.
               Smiling, he likes what he sees.

                                   JACK (V.O.)
                         Even though he had an adoring wife
                         and a happy home life, he loved to
                         use his looks and his charm on the
                         fairer sex, in part to remind
                         himself he still had it...


               Harold walks to his new-model Mercedes. An attractive FEMALE
               JOGGER rounds the narrow lane.

                                   JACK (V.O.)
                         But mostly to get as much poontang
                         as he wanted, and lately it seemed,
                         he wanted a lot. His face was his
                         calling card and although he
                         pretended to hate it, when a woman
                         recognized him as the anchor of
                         Channel Nine News...

               The woman stops, smiles.

                                   FEMALE JOGGER
                         Excuse me, but are you Harold

                                   JACK (V.O.)
                         He would laugh self-depreciatingly
                         and say...

               Harold smiles and gets in his car. By the look on her face,
               she's tinkled pink. She just met a honest-to-God celebrity.

               INT. HAROLD'S CAR

               As soon as he climbs in, the fake smile dissolves. His eyes
               focus. He mashes the engine start button and drives off.

                                   JACK (V.O.)
                         His current target was a young
                         fitness trainer with sparkling blue
                         eyes, long wheat-colored hair and
                         an ass that would make a Kardashian
                         green with envy. He'd spotted her a
                         few weeks ago at the gym he
                         frequented and after an
                         introduction by a mutual friend,
                         scheduled their first session.

               INT. GYM - DAY

               Harold, sweaty, in a custom-fit tee, pats his face with the
               rolled up towel around his neck. He shakes hands with ALLISON
               HARPER. He's old enough to be her father, and that's a real
               turn-on for Harold. Standing alongside is the MUTUAL FRIEND.

               Allison is just as Jack described her. In a word: vivacious.

               She's sweaty as well, and all smiles as they meet. The two
               engage in the typical pleasantries.

               She reaches into her gym bag and pulls out one of her
               business cards; she's happy to give it to him.

               EXT. HAROLD'S CAR - DAY

               The Mercedes makes a left on McDowell Street, heading uptown.
               We watch it merge into traffic as Jack reads...

                                   JACK (V.O.)
                         Although they had planned to meet
                         at the gym at nine, Harold knew all
                         along he would show up at her
                         doorstep unannounced an hour early
                         and charm his way into her
                         apartment. He knew where she lived
                         because she naively put her address
                         on her card and that was all the
                         information he required.

               Harold enters into a parking deck adjacent to a set of
               upscale, high-rise condominiums.

                                   JACK (V.O.)
                         There could be complications to his
                         plan, such as a boyfriend for
                         example, but he decided that once
                         inside, he would play it by ear...

               INT. PARKING GARAGE - DAY

               Harold parks, exits. He strolls over to the elevator bank.
               Steps in an elevator. No one around notices.

               INT. HALLWAY - DAY

               Harold rounds the hallway. He's scanning apartment numbers on
               the doors as he goes, slipping on a pair of leather gloves.

               He comes to a door, double-checks the number with the card in
               his gloved hand. Allison's apartment.

               He knocks on the door. After a pause, he hears some
               SHUFFLING. The door opens revealing a sliver of Allison, wet
               and wrapped in a towel, guarded by a chain on the door.

                             (recognizing him)
                         Oh, Mr. Jackson. I must've got my
                         wires crossed. I thought we were
                         meeting at the gym.

               Harold stands smiling, hands clasped behind his back. He
               replies in that deep, maleficent, baritone of his.

                         Perhaps I misunderstood.
                             (smiles seductively)
                         I can pay you extra if I've caused
                         any inconvenience. Say double the
                         normal rate?

               Allison hesitates. Whatever warning signals her body is
               sending her just got mollified.

                             (releasing the chain)
                         I'll be ready in two quick minutes,
                         I promise.

               She stands aside.

                         Come in and make yourself at home.

                                                       CUT TO:

               INT. JACK'S HOME OFFICE - NIGHT

               We're back with Jack in his office, reading. He leans in
               close as apprehension sets in...

                                                       CUT TO:


               Allison speaks over her shoulder as she heads into the

                         You can start warming up if you

               Harold leans, watching her hurry down the hallway, her finely
               tapered legs glistening. His hand goes to his crotch as he
               adjusts himself.

                         I'll do that. Please don't hurry on
                         my account.

                                   JACK (V.O.)
                         As he watched her go, his heart
                         beat so hard he thought it would
                         pound its way out of his chest. His
                         fantasy of having sex with the girl
                         in her apartment had been just
                         that, a harmless fantasy. But now,
                         being so close to her, smelling the
                         clean scent of her just-washed
                         hair, seeing the soft glow of her
                         body, a part of him seemed lost to
                         his subconscious and he felt
                         outside himself. Outside his

               Harold - forehead beaded with sweat - slowly makes his way
               down the hall to Allison's bathroom.

               INT. BATHROOM - DAY

               Harold has reached the bathroom and now he eases the door

               HAROLD'S P.O.V.

               Allison naked, one leg propped up on the tub while she towels
               herself dry.

                                   JACK (V.O.)
                         What happened next happened so fast
                         he scarcely had time to think

               Allison turns and sees Harold leering at her in the doorway.
               Her expression is a mixture of embarrassment and shock, and
               then, when the revelation hits her that he didn't stumble in
               by accident, anger and fear.

               Harold balls up his fists, lurches forward and throws a right
               cross against her jaw. As Allison lands hard in the tub, he
               throws another vicious punch, and then another.

                                   JACK (V.O.)
                         He'd been an amateur boxer in
                         college and was impressed that she
                         was so fit, it took three heavy
                         blows of everything he had to knock
                         her unconscious...

               Harold steps back. Allison is out cold. Harold's breathing
               hard as he stares down at her.

                                   JACK (V.O.)
                         Even though she was unconscious and
                         even though her nose was broken and
                         even though blood covered her lips
                         and chin and trailed over the
                         closed lid of the toilet, he
                         couldn't help admiring how
                         absolutely beautiful she looked.

               Harold is mindlessly massaging himself as he leers down at
               the girl. He picks her body off the floor and carries her to
               the bedroom.

               INT. BEDROOM

               Pretty pink bedroom with chiffon curtains. Harold rolls her
               onto the pink comforter on the bed, positions her just right.
               His eyes glaze with lust as he unzips himself.


               Harold, depleted and filled with self-hate, sits rigid on the
               edge of the bed. Allison is stirring behind him.

               He looks over his shoulder at her, his eyes watery. He
               reaches over to the night table and grabs the telephone,
               starts winding the cord around his hands. With the cord
               tight, he turns to face Allison just as she SCREAMS.


               Harold walks to the front door, pauses at the mirror...

                                   JACK (V.O.)
                         On his way out of Allison's
                         apartment, Harold Jackson, the well
                         known anchor for Channel Nine News,
                         paused by the mirror to comb his
                         hair. He admired his reflection and
                         then went out about his merry way.

               Harold exits.

               INT. JACK'S HOME OFFICE - NIGHT

               Jack leans back, paper in hand, not sure what to make of what
               he just read.

               EXT. DEAN & DELUCA'S - DAY

               Jack sits alone at one of the outside tables, wind blowing
               his hair. He looks around for Allison. Around him lunch-goers
               grab tables. Jack notices a pretty young thing reach for a

               He's jolted to reality by a squeeze on the arm. He turns to
               see Allison Harper smiling down at him. He stands up and
               gives her a hug; his enthusiasm catches her off-guard. She

                         You look great.


               Allison sits, followed by Jack. She pulls a strand of wheat
               colored hair from the corner of her mouth.

                         It's great to see you.

               Jack seems a bit awkward, like meeting an old lover.

                         Did you want to grab a bite here or
                         would you rather we go some place
                         else to dine?

                         To dine?
                         No, this is fine.

               She stands.

                         I'm actually starving though. Do
                         you mind?

               She motions to the restaurant.


               Jack rises. They walk to the eatery. Jack grabs the door for
               Allison, she waits for him to open it, then smiles.

               EXT. DEAN & DELUCA'S - DAY

               Seated at a table with lunch trays before them, Jack and
               Allison talk.

                         So... I was surprised to hear from
                             (on her look)
                         Happy, but surprised. What have you
                         been doing with yourself since you
                         left the office?

                         I took some time to figure out what
                         I really wanted to do with my life.

                         You were a helluva agent.

                             (shaking her head)
                         No I wasn't.

               Jack doesn't contradict her.

                         I knew I wanted to help people, you
                         know? So, I became a personal
                         fitness trainer and nutritionist.

                             (acting surprised)
                         No kidding?

                         No kidding.

                         And all this time I thought you
                         wanted me to sell you a house.

               Allison laughs.

                         No. What I really need help with
                         right now is building a clientele.

               She reaches into her bag, pulls out a handful of business

                         I figure, insurance agents were
                         doing this all the time when I was
                         an agent, why not try it.

               Jack takes the cards.

                         Sure, why not. I'd be happy to
                         refer you.

                         What about you?
                             (feels one of his biceps)
                         Looks like you could do with a
                         personal trainer yourself.
                             (off his look)
                         Just kidding. You look good,

                         Well, I'll take it under

               Allison laughs, he returns the laughter.

               As Allison eats, Jack watches her; a thought seems to cross
               his mind. Should he tell her about the typed page...?

               EXT. JACK'S CAR - DAY

               Jack driving in traffic.

               INT. JACK'S CAR

               Jack on the speakerphone again.

                         I saw Allison Harper today.

                                   JESSE (O.S.)
                         Really? How's she doing?

                         Good, good. She's a physical
                         trainer now.

                                   JESSE (O.S.)
                         Well, she's definitely got the body
                         for it.

               Pause. Jack isn't going to disagree.

                                   JESSE (O.S.)

                         What are you making for dinner?


               He makes a face.

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