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the chickens are coming!

Citizens of a small town become convinced they are under attack by a horde of giant, genetically-mutated, flesh-eating chickens!

bad day at black rock nine

In the wake of his daughter's untimely death, the Company's top auditor travels to a remote asteroid mining facility known as Black Rock Nine. The small crew he encounters there will stop at nothing to safeguard the Company's terrible secret.

the cabin

After spending the night in a remote cabin and penning a brilliant finale to his novel, a writer awakes to discover his laptop has seemingly vanished into thin air.

the typewriter

The lives of a man and his family are threatened by the discovery of a mysterious typewriter with the ability to see into the future... and into the mind of a psychotic killer. "A first-rate psychological thriller!" - The Author's Voice

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an accident of destiny

"Destiny has two ways of crushing us - by refusing ours wishes... and by granting them." Will's obsession with a beautiful seductress threatens his happiness with the ideal woman.

reno nevada rides to hell

In a steampunk-envisioned wild west, a gunfighter 'gadgeteer' joins forces with a preacher and his beautiful daughter to travel to the netherworld and relock the Gates of Hell.

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To avoid suspicion after his wife's brutal murder, a plastic surgeon transforms an ordinary woman into the exact likeness of the deceased, only to face a horrifying realization in the end.

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moscow falls

Chaos erupts when an alien substance with the power to animate objects accidently lands in a small Texas town where the main attraction is a dinosaur theme park.

virtual planet

A burned-out college professor teams up with a feisty reporter to find the connection between his student’s death, a mysterious software company and a corrupt politician vying for the presidency.

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